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Greatest Online Conference

On Friday 13th March 2020, our host Julia Steel had one big, hairy and completely audacious idea.

To bring the world’s most forward-thinking leaders, experts and performers together in 1 continuous, 19-day online conference.

Think Leadership Live-Aid, only online (and without Bob Geldof)

With increasing numbers of people working from home or isolated thanks to COVID-19, this conference is a place where people can engage with leaders, experts and performers around the world during this challenging time.

Upcoming Events

VID19 Conference

Wednesday 29th May

10:00 -17:00 AEST

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About Julia

Hear from our creator and host as she closes the conference with what it means to have Nerves of Steel, for us to take action amid uncertainty, and do more of what is right in the weeks and months ahead.

Celebratory BYO drinks to follow

Wednesday 15th April 17:00 AEST

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